Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sportsmanship: Character

One word to describe sportsmanship is “character”. Character is the moral qualities of a person. To have good sportsmanship you need really great character. It is a wonderful quality to have and every athlete should have it. Student sportsmanship is not something that a lot of high school athletes have and it should not be the case. Every athlete should have character and sportsmanship because it makes sports that much better. To have good character you have to accept a loss or a bad call and keep your composure. You need to look a fellow athlete in the eyes and say “good game” and mean it. An example of good character is playing a team that has not won a single game and you know you are going to crush them. Give them a good game don’t just be ruthless and demolish them, actually play them and give them a game. A personal example of mine was in hockey a couple of years ago. My varsity hockey team was in a game against a team that was clearly better than us. They were beating us by a very large margin like eight to nothing and there was about five minutes left in the third period. Their team had a senior goalie with autism that sat on that bench all throughout his high school career and they finally gave him a chance. They put him in the net and our team decided not to score on him. Even though we were losing, we wanted to make the goalie feel good shooting the puck right at him and missing the net on purpose. The coach from the other team was so grateful for us doing that and even though we lost, we felt very good about ourselves. I was so proud of my team having so much character and that was a very special game. Good Character is an amazing thing a single player can have and to have a whole team with character, it is very rare and special.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Proposition 2.5 Override

To whom it may concern,

         The Proposition 2.5 Override was voted no and the students around Norton Massachusetts are devastated. Everyone was counting on this override to pass. Not everyone can afford to play these sports that cost insane amounts of money. Students will go to other schools and not come to the public schools anymore. I thought the Town of Norton could rally together and pass this override with flying colors and was honestly shocked wen I heard it didn't pass. It is no only the sports it will effect, it will effect some of our favorite teachers too. All the teachers that just got their jobs here at Norton High School, who finally got to where they want to be in their career will now be out of work. Knowing that some of my favorite teachers might not be teaching here next year is sad to think about and truly makes me sick. A lot of people were relying on this override and to have it fail, is very disappointing. The proposition 2.5 needs to be passed and it is not too late to pass it.

                                                                                                                     Chris Towne 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sports Instant Replay

        Instant replay as been around for many years. The first instant replay was used in 1963 at an Army vs. Navy football game. That instant replay was used differently. It was used for fans to watch the play again and enjoy it for another time before it was lost in your memories. Times have turned and the sports we love and always loved have changed. Referees and officials are used in every sport and they are just humans. They make mistakes just as much as any other person on this earth. Adding these instant replay makes it so there is absolutely no mistakes made in officiating a sporting event.

        Instant replay is killing sports worldwide and there must be a stop to it. For generations professional sports had to trust the plain eye and the human mind to officiate a game or match. Bad calls have won championships, bad calls have made sports! Mistakes made by officials are part of what is a called a sport. If you just add instant replay now, everything in history, all of the championships and awards teams and players got are just not true. For example: in 1970 the Boston Bruins beat the St. Louis Blues in game seven Stanley Cup overtime. Bobby Orr put the puck in the net 40 seconds into overtime creating possibly one of the best sports moments ever. To think that whole game, that goal might not have counted in today's time because instant replay showed the play was offside. History would be very different all throughout sports if they always had the instant replay feature. We shouldn't alter sports by that much by adding instant replay, it is killing sports and ruining all the memories when we think of sports. 

        The quote that could be used to describe this whole instant replay feature is "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Sports have thrived for hundreds and thousands of years and have been beloved since the beginning of time. Why change such a big aspect of the game by adding instant replay? How would the creator of that sport feel when you make his sport...artificial. Artificial is a great word to use when thinking of sports now a days. We've turned a classic human sport with human error into a robot game and it is artificial. How long until the referees and officials are no longer needed? How long until robots run sports and make all the decisions and the calls? Sports are not heading into the right direction and I think we can all agree on that. 

        In conclusion, sports are beloved all throughout the world. Today's society is killing the aspect of sports and it needs to stop. Sports are run on human error, that is what makes it great. It adds the element of surprise and unpredictability and that is something you should not mess with. Instant replay slows the game down no matter what sport it is and takes the fun and excitement away from fans and athletes. I am a big fan of hockey and the worst feeling in the world is when your team is down by one or tied and they score a last minute goal to either take the lead or win and then that goal is taken away because 20 seconds earlier, a player was offside by a fraction of a centimeter. All of that excitement and fun is just ripped out of your hands and it totally swings the momentum of the game. We are not heading into the right direction with sports and it will most likely not be long before human referees and officials will be completely removed from the game. When that happens, I can tell you it will be complete chaos.  

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Coaches Challenge Killing the Game?

The NHL decided it was time to change the game prior to the 2015-2016 season. Changing the typical 5 minutes 4 on 4 overtime to 5 minutes of 3 on 3 overtime, expanded video review bringing the play to be reviewed in Toronto NHL headquarters, and many more. One rule they added to the game has been the most controversial rule yet: a Coaches Challenge. The game of hockey has been turned into football! If a goal is thought to be offside or have goaltender interference, then the coach can challenge the play and try and get the play overturned. In my opinion, the coaches challenge ruins the game and slows it down. If the home team's goal gets taken away, the crowd will be out of it for the whole game. There have been so many goals taken away this year taking teams out of playoffs, losing games for teams and i think it is ridiculous. I do not agree with the coaches challenge and I think it is killing the game of hockey.    

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Changes in the Bruins Staff?

Another regular season came and went for the NHL and for the second year in a row, original six team The Boston Bruins are looking in from the outside. People are pointing fingers left and right blaming the coach, blaming the players, blaming the defense, blaming the goalie. The bottom line is we can’t say the Bruins not making the playoffs is at the fault of one man. It takes an organization to allow the playoff picture drift away and I think we can agree on that. I am saying if it’s an organization’s fault, then change some of the organization. We have recently made a big move firing our General Manager Peter Chiarelli last year and hiring Don Sweeney. That obviously didn’t work and it is time to dig in deeper into the organization and get to the root of the problem Cam Neely. Cam has done so much for the Boston Bruins on and off the ice but his time is running out as he has not been doing enough lately. As of April 12th, 72 hours after the confirmation of the Bruins being eliminated from the playoff picture there have been no comments towards the Bruins, their coaching, their staff, or anything. The diehard fans of the Boston Bruins like myself can sense a big change coming in the organization and soon! It is too early to fire the brand new General Manager Don Sweeney and the next person in line is the President Cam Neely. Many rumors are going around as the Ottawa Senators recently fired their coalch Dave Cameron that the Ottawa born Bruins coach Claude Julien would be a prime candidate for the position. I cannot see the Boston Bruins firing Julien as he is proven not to be the problem. These are exciting and stressful times for Boston Bruins fans like myself as we all sit and wait for that notification on phones telling us the Bruins have made a change in their organization. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Final Playoff Push for the Bruins

With the Bruins losing to the New Jersey Devils after out shooting them 40-15. This loss makes the team 1-7 in their last 7 games. Disappointment hits Boston as their beloved Bruins are on the verge of not making the playoffs for the second year in a row. The 2011 Stanley Cup winners cannot seem to find the groove and keep a winning streak going for longer than 2 games. The playoffs being right around the corner the Bruins really need to step it up to find a spot in the 2015-2016 Stanley Cup playoffs. As of right now, they are in third place 5 points behind the second place Tampa Bay Lightning and one point in front of The Detroit Red Wings. The team has the tough St. Louis Blues in St. Louis on Friday April 1st. It will not be an easy win for the Bruins and they will have to bring maximum effort to this one if they even want to think about the playoffs. This game is essential in the push and if there is one team in the NHL who can pull it off, it is the Boston Bruins. If the Bruins can get a win or even a point from overtime and their competitors the Red Wings can get a loss, then the Bruins can take a big step towards the playoffs. The Red Wings are playing against the also struggling  Minnesota Wild on the same night as the Bruins and is expected to be a good and close game.

One of the biggest problems with the team is no doubt the Defensive core. Led by the 6’9 39 year old Zdeno Chara, the Boston Bruins defense is at the weakest it’s been for many years. After losing Johnny Boychuck and Dougie Hamilton, defense has been a huge problem. We went from having one of the best defense in the NHL in 2011 to one of the worst defense this year. The Bruins have a few prospects that are not ready to come up yet and all we can do is cross our fingers they are the answer to this defensive issue.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Writing Contest Best Sports Moments

Chris Towne

Another Miracle on Ice

The best moments in sports are when you get chills down your back when you are watching an emotional play or game. When you scream, cheer, and maybe even cry. Moments that make you proud to be a fan and a sports lover. The best moment for me was when the Boston Bruins beat the Toronto Maple Leafs in game 7 in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. That game was what people call “an emotional roller coaster” where we are happy and think we are going to win, to depressed and we know we are going to lose. The beauty of sports is that you never actually know what is going to happen. I still remember that game vividly because of how exciting it was.

The Boston Bruins went up early on the Toronto Maple Leafs with one goal from Matt Bartkowski 6 minutes into the first period. I jumped from my chair and had a very good feeling about the game because we were on top early. Four exciting minutes later, the Maple Leafs responded with a rebound goal right out in front of Tuukka Rask. My heart sank to the floor and the pressure was on as the score was tied at one. After a physical and hard fought period of hockey, the game was still tied. 6 minutes into the second period, the Maple leafs went on top for the first time all night after a bomb from the point. I was devastated, scared, and frustrated with my team. The rest of the second period played out and still no more goals for the Bruins. Growing more and more frustrated we went into the third period still at 2-1 with the Maple Leafs on top. Almost immediately into the third, the Maple Leafs dug a deeper gash into the Bruins by scoring again. A few minutes later Toronto just put some more salt in the wound by scoring again! Down by three goals, the Bruins found themselves in the worst hole they could have been in. At the peak of my frustration I almost could not watch anymore. I had counted the Bruins out and was wondering how it got to this point.

A few minutes later, the Bruins scored after letting up four unanswered goals and a little bit of inspiration entered my body. 4-2 with a minute and a half left in the game and the Maple Leafs still on top, with close to no hope the Bruins scored another goal. All of a sudden hope came pouring into the hearts of many New Englanders. Yes the Bruins have made it a one goal game, but there was a little less than a minute left in the game and they would have had to pull off a miracle. They did in fact pull off a miracle as they scored from a shot on the point and the Bruin believers including me who had the heart to finish watching the game exploded with excitement! The Boston Bruins just tied the game after being down by three in such a short time. The third period buzzer goes off and the Boston Bruins are on a level no one can stop. The game was not over however and all of that emotion and effort could all be a waste if they did not get the win. Into the first overtime we go and the Bruins are showing these Maple Leafs who wants to win the game. Just seven long minutes later the Bruins have pulled off the impossible! Constant pressure on the Toronto Maple Leafs goalie James Reimer and Patrice Bergeron puts it home. The entire stadium erupted as the country has just seen what is debatably the best comeback in NHL history. I sat in my house stunned and in disbelief until reality hit me and I realized the Bruins had just won the hockey game. Great sports moments happen all the time. It might take years to beat another miracle on ice.